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Mer, 13 Rhag



Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc) / Jenny Pulse / Campfire Social / Ravetank

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Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc) / Jenny Pulse / Campfire Social / Ravetank
Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc) / Jenny Pulse / Campfire Social / Ravetank

Time & Location

13 Rhag 2023, 19:30

Newport, 14 High St, Newport NP20 1FW, UK

About The Event

Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse are hitting the road this December. The pair known for their work in Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc and more bring their new album 'Giddy Shelter' to Le Pub on December 13th.

Tickets are on sale now, grab yours! 🎟 👉

Kinsella and Pulse have spent years making thoughtful and unpredictable art, whether musically as Joan of Arc or Spa Moans, or under their given names as writers and visual artists. To assemble Giddy Skelter, the married duo aggressively culled their tracklist until they had a lean and impactful 11 songs, unlike anything either musician has released before. By mixing live instrumentation with samples so manipulated it’s impossible to identify their origins, Kinsella and Pulse create music that feels both eerily familiar yet inarguably the product of their effort, a testament to their exacting process.

"I was an electronic producer who wanted to be in a rock band and Tim was in a rock band and wanted to become more of a producer,” recalls Pulse. “But at the end of the day we realized we can't escape ourselves. Despite wanting to depart from the past, we settled into what we are each good at, but with different gear and approaches to try and create something surprising to ourselves."

The title Giddy Skelter alludes to both Gimme Shelter, the infamous documentary about the Rolling Stones’ disastrous Altamont free concert, and the Manson Family’s Helter Skelter scenario. “In my mind, it's this period at the end of the dream, the end of the 60s, the idea of this utopia,” Kinsella says. “Now, with lingering pandemic and its consequences, rising authoritarianism, looming climate catastrophe, these unsustainable levels of anxiety and chaos, the eras feel similarly apocalyptic.”

And there’s another dimension to the title: It can be interpreted alchemically, combining two of the most popular songs in rock history—“Gimme Shelter” and “Helter Skelter”—both of which have sinister associations that give them greater gravity. Sometimes the thing that makes great rock n’ roll is the ineffable and the intangible, something you can only describe as alchemy; other times it’s the rigors of process. On Kinsella and Pulse’s Giddy Skelter, it’s both — and it sounds unlike anything else you’ll hear this year.

Something like a gestalt prayer, or a manifesto….

"We claim no element of our sound as our own.

We simply curate the many who’ve come before us & present our responses in the varying ratios that we intuit.

We are dedicated to hauling our cumbersome unconsciouses into our conscious minds in hopes of amplifying our degrees of self-determination.

Each day we create, siphoning flow from contrast, to create our perfect day.

Our existence is our creativity & our creativity is our existence.

The ultimate intent is to shift perceptions & we are the first witnesses & primary beneficiaries of this power.

We organize what we organize & it, in turn, organizes us.

To reveal the hidden selves within us & within you.

To expand & deepen, us & you.

We enjoy ourselves very much—we maybe have more fun than most adults decide is possible—but fun is not the goal.

Fun is the fundamental necessity to achieving this expansion & deepening as individuals & as a duo.

We commit to this for ourselves, our communities, & the ever-expanding infini-verse.

We invite you to join us."

Tickets are on sale now, grab yours! 🎟 👉

Wednesday the 13th of December 2023 Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse Le Pub, Newport £10 / 7.30 / 16+

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